Window Replacement in Lakeland

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terenaWe did a beautiful window replacement in Oakview Estates in Lakeland last Wednesday.

The customer was considering new window replacement because they had several hot rooms in the home and the energy bill was very high. The master bedroom, the worst, had exposure to the sun on two walls. According to their monitoring of the temperature with an electronic thermometer, it was 3-4 degrees hotter than the setting on the air conditioner because of the heat coming in from the sun through the windows and was definitely a hot room and very uncomfortable.


The installation of Simonton energy efficient windows solved the problem. Now the temperature remains consistent with the setting on the air conditioner. The wife is amazed. It all worked just as planned! She monitored the electronic thermometer in the bed room for three days before telling me of our success.

Also, they had the dark bronze framed windows originally installed in the home. We installed the tan colored, vinyl frame, double pane low-e windows and they sure look better than the old dark windows did. The new windows really dressed up the home nicely.

We installed the double hung windows from Simonton with the 366 glass. Definitely a money saver. These energy efficient windows will pay for themselves over time through reduced energy cost and, the comfort level of that home has gone way up!

This customer was a referral from a friend she works with in Bartow. The friend in Bartow was a previous customer that we had done a new window installation for and was telling everybody she knew about her new windows and how energy efficient they were.