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Pool Enclosure in Lakeland

Pool enclosures LakelandWe did a re-screen on a pool enclosure yesterday in Lakeland this week that we had built back in the 90's. The screen was still in half decent shape but the owner just wanted to change it.

We have been building pool cages for almost 30 years now. We have one to build in Bloomingdale, Valrico area over in Hillsborough Couty in the next couple of weeks as well as several to re-screen.

Pool enclosures sure cut down on the swimming pool maintenance and they bug proof the pools for evening and night time entertainment.

Window Replacement in Lakeland

terenaWe did a beautiful window replacement in Oakview Estates in Lakeland last Wednesday.

The customer was considering new window replacement because they had several hot rooms in the home and the energy bill was very high. The master bedroom, the worst, had exposure to the sun on two walls. According to their monitoring of the temperature with an electronic thermometer, it was 3-4 degrees hotter than the setting on the air conditioner because of the heat coming in from the sun through the windows and was definitely a hot room and very uncomfortable.

A Window Replacement Job in Bartow

bartow window replacementWe did a nice job in Bartow today. A window replacement for a family on Pinecrest. They had the old style wood frame windows that leaked very bad. They leak cold air in in the winter and lots and lots of heat in in the summer.

We installed energy efficient windows made by Simonton. We sell them under a private lable “Amcraft”. The windows we installed were vinyl frame, double hung, tilt sash windows. The glass package was the Cardinal 366 glass. 366 keeps the heat out in the summer and keeps it in during the winter.

Bartow is a lovely town. We love workinging there and there are a lot of homes in need of new replacement. Window replacement is very important for the home with the older windows. Energy efficient windows will pay for themselves in energy savings over time.

On the older style wood sash windows we remove the two window sashe or vents after building custom windows and install the new windows in the old wooden frame, see photo attached.

Energy effcient are very cost effective in Florida because of the high consumption of energy, especially during the summer time. Window replacement fixed that!